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Why choose us for your smoke alarm servicing?

In accordance with the Tenancy Services and RTA, working smoke alarms are required in every rental property. If landlords don’t meet their obligations, they could face financial penalties of up to $7,200. If tenants don’t meet their obligations, they could face financial penalties of up to $4,000.

It is the landlords’ responsibility to ensure smoke alarms are working before every new tenancy begins and remain in working condition throughout that tenancy.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to change the batteries if needed. A slight beeping noise will sound if the batteries need to be replaced.

With our annual service, we can check that the smoke alarms are working correctly and can install new alarms if there are no alarms present, or if the current alarms are expired or broken.

Annual Subscriptions cost $86 +GST. This includes unlimited call outs for faulty alarms and replacements, and free installation of Cavius alarms when there are alarms missing or broken.

To ensure your tenants remain safe from the risk of fire, and to protect properties, it is important that each rental property has working smoke alarms. We will also conveniently carry out a smoke alarm check at the same time as a Healthy Homes assessment for no additional cost.

If you want someone to come and sort out your alarms but don’t want to sign up to a subscription, then a one- off smoke alarm check is $109+gst. This is a call out fee to inspect the property but does not include the cost to install alarms. This is an additional $45+GST per alarm.

For more information on this please get in touch on 0800 34 34 33, or via info@healthyhomesnz.co.nz.

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