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Healthy Homes Reports for New Builds

For properties yet to be constructed, we can work off the plans to complete the full Healthy Homes assessment and confirm specifications around heating requirements. A compliance certificate will also be issued if a property complies.

We have been assisting development companies nationwide and private home builders with their heating calculations prior to the heating and ventilation systems being installed, to make sure they comply with the Healthy Home Standards before the properties are built.

There are different specifications within the Building Code of Compliance compared to the Healthy Homes standards; we have seen in many new builds that the heating in particular is not sufficient enough for the open space(s) as per the formula which has been provided to us by MBIE and Tenancy services. While this would not cause an issue in construction, it would mean a landlord would be unable to rent the property should it be purchased as an investment property.

Our service ensures that new-builds are up to the Healthy Homes standards as well as approved building consent, so any that are purchased as investment properties meet the required regulations.

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