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(formally Meth Testing New Zealand)
Assisting home owners, landlords and property managers with a meth (p) testing service. Over 15,000 assessments completed since 2015

Purchasing Property

Purchasing a property is often our largest financial decision. Sadly many purchasers fail to check for the presence of methamphetamine prior to going unconditional. This can lead to a huge amount of stress, confusion and cost involved with decontamination, often all undertaken without insurance cover.

We have provided sampling services for thousands of clients looking to purchase real estate throughout New Zealand and recommend a test is completed as a precaution during your due diligence.

Confirmed or Suspected Methamphetamine

If you have a property or other asset that has tested positive for methamphetamine the next step is a Detailed Assessment. This is a requirement within the NZS8510:2017 Testing Standard and outlines a process to sample and clean a property to bring it back to a habitable state.

Rental Properties

Providing a property as rental accommodation holds many legal requirements for landlords, property managers and tenants. Meth testing before and after each tenancy is becoming part of best practice as it provides proof a property is habitable prior to the commence of a tenancy. It also aids in assigning liability against a tenant should contamination be found during or at the end of a tenancy.

We have also seen an increase in tenants requesting meth tests. If no pre-tenancy test was completed and meth is found this often results in a claim against the landlord or property manager.

Additional Testing

Since methamphetamine can easily be transported in vehicles or carried on a person, sampling of vehicles has become an increasing request. If you have an item or something you require testing, non-property related, feel free get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.
What we do

About the service

All sampling is undertaken by the expert team at Healthy Homes New Zealand is in accordance with the NZS8510:2017 National Testing Standard. Having sampled over 12,000 properties, our reliable reports are generally available within 48 hours of receiving receipt from our trusted partners at Analytica Laboratories, ISO 17025 accredited by International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ).

Meth contamination is caused by smoking or producing methamphetamine in any property or vehicle and poses a serious risk to your investments. Protect your real estate assets, your homes and your families from the effects of living in a meth-contaminated property with effective and reliable meth testing.

Here at Healthy Homes New Zealand we provide standard-compliant, professional and effective P contamination testing to help protect properties and home-dwellers all over New Zealand.

With the ever growing issues surrounding “P”/ Methamphetamine contamination, Healthy Homes New Zealand established a meth testing service in 2015 to counter the growing issues being created in New Zealand properties. Healthy Homes New Zealand offers a cost effective sampling service that is reliable and offers results quickly. We provide a service that meets the technical needs of the issue but also hold the knowledge to provide trusted advice.

We are able to service the following areas: Whangarei, Auckland, Waikato, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch.

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Meth Testing 02

“With the ever increasing amount of methamphetamine being imported into the country, the levels we find within properties (whether there is previous suspicion or not) is on a sharp incline. We strongly recommend testing as a matter of caution before buying or renting a property.”

– CEO Nathaniel Hamilton
Great Review from our Clients

A trusted name in the industry

Our clients have always trusted our expertise and advice. Here’s what they have to say about us.

We are delighted with the service at Healthy Homes NZ, we would highly recommend them for fast, professional and accurate results.

Zelda Eberle, National Sales Manager – Inspire Property Management

We have worked with Healthy Homes New Zealand for the past year and have always been impressed by their knowledge, professionalism and willingness to help with understanding the results that are presented.

Joanne Rae, Operations Manager, Harcourts, Mt Eden – Epsom – Ponsonby

We are continually receiving requests from other companies to use their services for Meth testing. We are declining all their requests, as we are very happy with the service that we receive from Healthy Homes New Zealand. They are prompt and efficient and are also very competitively priced. Why would we use anyone else?

Denise Smyth, Property Manager, Barfoot and Thompson Pukekohe

Healthy Homes NZ are very efficient and easy to work with. The testers touch base quickly and are easy to deal with also. Awesome company and do a great job.

Emma Bryers, Property Manager – Harveys Real Estate Papakura

Service is prompt and efficient and the Meth Testing team are great! More than willing to always help with any queries which makes our life a whole lot easier!

Clinton Cowley, Managing Director – Margay Property Management

Nice Place uses Healthy Homes NZ to do all of our meth testing at the beginning and end of tenancies. We find they deliver an efficient and timely service within our tight time frames. As property managers we can assure owners of properties that they are getting a professional service which will allow tenants to feel safe on their properties.

Sandra Crews, Property Manager – Nice Place Property Management

We trust Healthy Homes New Zealand to get the job done and look after our rental portfolio and answer any questions we have.

Brooke Rogers, Property Manager – Ray White Beachlands

I have found Nathaniel and his team at Healthy Homes NZ to be professional and thorough when providing testing services and advice to property managers. Nathaniel and his team at Healthy Homes NZ provide Ray White Hamilton with excellent service, knowledge and advice. Their professionalism sees them stand above their competitors, their prices are reasonable and response time always timely.

Fraser Coombes, Business Development Manager – Ray White Hamilton

At Ray White Pukekohe, we have been using Healthy Homes NZ on a regular basis for our rental properties. I am very happy to highly recommend their efficient and prompt service to our company. Nathaniel has very kindly attended our landlord information evening as was able to give an informative speech and engaged in meaningful discussion with our attending landlords, which was most appreciated.

Barb Jennings, Property Manager – Ray White Pukekohe

We use Healthy Homes NZ to test for meth between tenancies. They do a great job and accommodate our needs for urgent test results when needed.

Vlad Muhin, Senior Property Manager – Ray White Te Atatu

I work in a property management team who have been using Healthy Homes NZ for a couple of years now. The service has been exceptional and the reports are very clear and detailed. Our owners appreciate the speed and professionalism from their staff. I would highly recommend Healthy Homes NZ to anyone interested in having this type of report performed on their property!

Davinia Watson, Business Partner/Manager – Glover Real Estate

Needing advice?

Write us

If you are dealing with a methamphetamine related issue feel free to message us.

Alternatively, you can email or call 0800 34 34 33.

    Here at Healthy Homes New Zealand we are all about offering our experiences and knowledge to assist in methamphetamine related situations you may be dealing with. We do not provide a “paid for” consultancy service as we believe this compromises the guidance provided. While the methamphetamine testing industry in New Zealand goes through ongoing changes, many industry experts and members of the general public have formed their own opinions of these issues. As an established meth testing company who has conducted over 12,000 tests we have the knowledge and experience to provide real world answers about what we see on a daily basis.

    We are more than happy to assist you where we can, regardless of whether sampling has been conducted by Healthy Homes New Zealand or not. We are not of the mindset to try and discredit other companies or try to use the information provided to push our own services, we simply feel an obligation to use our specific skill set to provide transparent advice where we can.

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    Healthy Homes NZ is a family run business dedicated to providing professional services to meet the compliance requirements of the property management industry.
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    Our locationsWhere to find us?
    Get in touchSocial links
    Healthy Homes NZ is a family run business dedicated to providing professional services to meet the compliance requirements of the property management industry.

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