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Property Maintenance services & installation

At Healthy Homes NZ, we can provide competitive quotes – and in many cases, instant pricing – for all maintenance work you may need to meet the Healthy Homes standards, as well as undertaking custom maintenance work at your property.

We keep track of all your jobs, liaising with tradespeople in your area through our extensive network. We get in touch with your tenants to sort out various arrangements around access etc saving you the time and hassle of managing multiple parties.

The tradespeople we work with are fully qualified, licensed, and insured and you’ll be able to track the progress of everything through your Customer Portal.

Work we can complete for you includes:
Ceiling insulation, Underfloor insulation, Ground Moisture barrier installation, Heat Pumps (including installation), Panel Heaters (including installation), Bathroom or Kitchen extractor fans (including installation), Kitchen rangehoods (including installation), Gutter cleaning, Drain unblocking, Draught blocking

Customer reviews

We’ve conducted thousands of projects across the country for our clients and take great pride in providing an excellent service, check out what our customers say about us

“Absolutely professional, well spoken and did what he had to do. It took time but remember I'm in a large home. Great job”


“Guy was very friendly. He ensured I was aware of his every action. Also very happy with his Health and Safety on-site during COVID. Thank you.”


“The guy was lovely, the service quick and unintrusive.”


“Very good. Nice guy and professional. Got the job done.”


“I was just really happy with the contact and flexibility of the consultant"


Insulation & ground moisture barriers

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Whether you need a complete fit out of insulation, just a top up, or a repair job, our team can help with professional installation you can trust meets the NZ Standards and will not only keep your home warmer but also meet all necessary regulations and safety requirements.

Or, if you just want to purchase the product and do it yourself, visit our shop.

Ceiling insulation from


per metre installed

Underfloor insulation from


per metre installed

Ground moisture barrier from


per metre installed



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Kitchens and bathrooms create a significant amount of moisture making them a key contributor to damp, mouldy homes. This is why extraction fans are a requirement in all rental properties under the Healthy Home Standards.

Our team can provide a solution to meet your needs. Whether it’s a straight forward ceiling fan or rangehood, a through-glass fan or a more customised option, our team can assess your property and find the best answer for you.

Extractor fans from


installed through ceiling

Kitchen rangehoods from


installed through ceiling


Gutter Cleaning

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If gutters are blocked, water can back up and flow into the house, becoming another contributing factor to damp homes. This is why a rental property with blocked gutters does not meet the requirements of the Healthy Homes Standards.

Gutter cleaning is an inexpensive, routine maintenance process that our team can manage for you, ensuring this task is kept on top of.

Price from




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Finding an appropriate heating solution that is practical and also meets the nuances of the Healthy Homes Standards can be a challenge. Our team is highly experienced in assessing where heating needs to go, what size it needs to be and what product will not only give you the best result but also meet all your requirements for a rental property.

Or, if you’re looking for a heating solution for you own home, we can help there too, while also future proofing for if the property is rented in the future.

You can also purchase panel heaters and heat pumps direct from our shop

Heat Pumps installed from


(2.7kW, simple installation)

Panel Heaters installed from


(1.5kW, installed to existing socket)


Drain unblocking

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Often drains will become blocked with debris, either from inside the house or externally. This can be a contributing factor to damp in houses, particularly if overflow is running under the house, causing rising damp. If blocked drains are an issue at your property, our team can help with clearing and flushing blockages out of the drains.

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Draught blockers

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Whether it’s old wooden joinery or aluminum, age, wear and tear can cause windows and doors to start leaking air. This causes a lot of heat loss in properties and has been identified as a key source of cold houses. If draughts can be eliminated, this ensures insulation and heating can work more effectively to keep your home warm.

There are a number of solutions to draught stopping. Our team can assess whether it may be latch or hardware replacements, foam seals, door draught excluders or even cat door replacements that could help solve your draught issues and ensure your rental property meets the Healthy home Standards.

You can also purchase draught blocking products direct from our shop

Draught blocking foam installed from


Window hardware replacement from



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