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We provide a number of services to make sure you meet your requirements

Areas of Service


Healthy Home Assessments

The Healthy Homes Standards, require all rental homes to comply with specific regulations regarding insulation, heating, ventilation, moisture ingress & drainage and draught stopping by July 2021. Our technicians can provide a full audit of your property and report on what you may need to do to meet these new requirements.

Project Management

With all the new regulations, requirements and increased costs having the right team you can rely on is a difficult task. While some properties will all ready be up to standard some may require a bit of TLC to bring them up to the new standards. If you are needing assistance with managing this task you can find out more here.

Sampling for contaminantS

Under the Residential Tenancies Act and Amendments Act contamination above a prescribed levels is deemed unlawful. Meth, asbestos, mould and lead are among the substances considered contaminants. All sampling is conducted by our experienced technicians and our team can guide you on best practice processes for when to test.

Maintenance STRATEGY

A maintenance strategy is simply a written plan stating when certain task will be completed. As the world becomes faster time seems to fly by at an ever great rate of speed and often, even with the best of intentions, these deadlines are missed. We can assist you with keeping your property on track to make sure it meet it requirements on time.


With the increase in legislation and changes in regulations never before has being a landlord or property manager been so challenging. Here at Healthy Homes NZ we have been working with home owners, landlords, property managers, tenants and tenancy tribunal for the last 4 years. Should you need assistance feel free to reach out.

Property Coding

Coding rental properties is a relatively new concept to rental properties. The idea behind the concept is being able to have specific property information at hand for all parties requiring it. For example a tradesmen can view health and safety information of the property on site without having to request a copy from the landlord or property manager.