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An Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) sets out where asbestos containing material is and how it will be managed within a property.

An assumed AMP is the basic starting point of the process where you are assuming all materials in the property contain asbestos and will therefore act appropriately should any materials in the property become damaged. If an Asbestos Management Survey is completed then these plans can be more specific and limit the need to act unless a material damaged is known to contain asbestos.

An Asbestos Management Plan must be in place before any works are undertaken to the property that may disturb the asbestos or asbestos containing materials - e.g. drilling or cutting to install a ventilation system. The plan must be provided to all contractors before work commences as they need to be made aware of any risks.

How does this apply to rental properties?

An AMP is designed to aide contractors and PCBU’s when a rental property is a workplace. Originally it was thought the type of work that required an AMP was anything that would create a risk of exposure to asbestos - eg. cutting into a wall. However, after discussions with WorkSafe, it has been confirmed that it is best practice to have an AMP in place before work is conducted which may put workers at risk of exposure to an unknown deteriorated or broken asbestos containing material. For example, for Property Managers conducting property inspections it is best practice to have an AMP in place beforehand in case the Property Manager walks into an environment where deterioated asbestos is present. This is because even though the type of work itself creates no risk of exposure to asbestos, a Property Manager may already be at risk due to the condition of the property. Therefore, knowing where asbestos is and what to do is best practice.

Our Asbestos Management Plans have been created in partnership with Site Safe NZ and WorkSafe to ensure your requirements are met.

With every AMP you purchase through ATNZ you’ll receive a custom QR code sticker which provides a direct on-site link for contractors to use. The Asbestos Management Plan is required to be distributed to all contractors who enter your property and the AMP must be updated with their details. The QR code manages this process for you and our team provide you with an updated AMP monthly when the QR code is scanned.

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