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Contaminant: Methamphetamine



Pre- and post-tenancy meth testing is the best way to protect yourself from liability as a landlord and ensure you’re meeting your requirement of providing a ‘contaminant free’ home for tenants. Having conducted over 12000 meth tests in the past four years we have the expertise needed to comprehensively test and report on your property.


Initial Screening

Called a Screening Assessment within NZS8510:2017 these test types are designed to provide a detailed overview of a property. Typically used for between tenancy or pre-purchase testing

Detailed testing

Called a Detailed Assessment within NZS8510:2017 this assessment is typically carried out if a screening assessment shows the presence of methamphetamine contamination


If you need help dealing with a methamphetamine contamination issue, need clarification on how to interpret sample analysis or have a general questions let us help