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Contaminant: Asbestos

Asbestos Sampling Services


Sample analysis

Suspect asbestos and feel confident to take your own samples? We are able to analyse the samples that you provide. The analysis will be provided to you within 48 hours of the sample being received.


management surveys

The aim of an Asbestos Management Survey is to identify asbestos in the property. The report details where asbestos has been found, the condition it is in and the recommended steps to manage the risks.

competent sampler

Do you believe there is asbestos in your property and want it sampled? We can send a qualified sampler to the property to take the samples for you and provide the analysis within 48 hours.


Refurbishment Survey

A Refurbishment Survey is required when the work you are carrying out on a building or structure is designed to change or upgrade it. This is different to minor maintenance, which is about maintaining what you have.

management plans

An Asbestos Management Plan sets out where asbestos containing material is and how any risks will be managed. An Asbestos Management Plan needs to be in place before any work is undertaken.


Demolition Survey

The purpose of a demolition survey is to locate all the asbestos in a workplace (or the relevant part) before a demolition commences. Demolition surveys should only be conducted in unoccupied areas to eliminate or minimise risks.